Monday, 11 September 2017

Our Goals Are Moving!

At the beginning of this term we each identified one skill goal and one attitude goals that we thought would help us in our learning. These big goals have helped us to create some smaller goals for our individual planners and to give us ideas for our weekly reflections.

We placed them along a continuum and have been moving them along when we have been showing progress.

Check out some of the photos over time. Can you see a change in the grouping of the goals?

Week 1

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

What might it look like at the end of term? We wonder what success will look like...


  1. I wonder where all the sticky notes will be by week 10!
    My predection is that everyone will be past atleast the middle one!

  2. My goal was a really good goal for me because ive gotten better at them and i do way more often����

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  4. I've gotten better at my goal and I think I can work harder for it .

  5. Wow we have really gone far from we're,we were which means we have been doing very good with our goals I moved my goal the other day and I have been working really hard on my goals just like everybody else has and I know because my cubby is tidy and I am way better at division and heeps of other kids have worked really really well on their goals I am very impressed