Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The General Election - What Are The Party Policies?

It has been a very interesting week learning so much about the upcoming election. We have received our kids voting ballot boxes in the mail.

Here is more information about the kids voting programme. 

After watching this video, we now know how to vote, but not all of us know who we want to vote for. We realised we need to find out more about what the parties all care about.

On Monday we split into small groups within our larger literacy groups. Each group was allocated a political party contesting the election, where they had to research what the party policies were (the policies are the list of things that each party say they will do after the election if they are in government).

Over the next couple of days, each group used Google Slides to collaboratively put together a presentation to share back with us. Mr K and Mrs Harris made it clear that we were not persuading people to vote for the parties, but simply explaining what their policies were.

Savannah said, "It was fun doing the research, because I already liked that party. It was good using Slides because we can share it with everybody in our own group and they could each do their own parts. I asked the group if I could do water policies and everyone agreed. Ava found out about a policy for getting kids to school safely and reducing rubbish and Kelli did some other policies. I was a bit nervous sharing back to the class with all those eyes looking at me!"

Yesterday we began coming up with ideas for policies we would try to campaign on if we were involved in a Bromley School election. We tried to think of things that would improve our community, either to address existing problems, or just new exciting ideas. 

Next week we will be looking closely at some of our policy ideas. Could any of them be worth exploring further?...


  1. Me and my friends did some nice policies then.........

  2. I like how me and Caleb where sharing ideas with me

  3. I like how sheldon was looking at mr k and holdingthe whit bord

  4. I like how the video explians how to vote

  5. I liked how we worked in groups and did our Election tasks

  6. I like how evry one is in a semi circle