Tuesday, 19 March 2019

All About Me - Interest Projects

We are well underway with out first IPs of the year. Interest projects, also referred to with students as ‘IPs’, are independent or collaborative group projects that arise out of the structured class inquiries focussed around our core school themes. Interest projects are designed to be student-driven and teacher-guided. 

An interest project requires students to have a plan, keep others updated with our progress, and finally to share our learning to give and receive feedback from our peers.

The focus for this term is an All About Me project that each of us are working on. Mr K and Mrs Harris shared their finished projects with us several weeks ago, and since then we have been using IP workshop times to create our own. Some parts of the project have been really interesting to think about, like the meanings of our names or where our families come from. Here is what we are including...

IP workshop times have been a great chance for us to develop our self management skills, including being able to organise our own materials and setting up spaces for learning.

We will give another update when we are closer to sharing time, including some of our personal reflections.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Effects Of Music Project

A group of students working with Mr K were doing some musical exploration yesterday. We made some nice links between our My Voice Is Powerful theme for this year, where we can explore the arts in our world as a way to express ourselves, as well as our key competency focus on Managing Self. In this area, we have been working on making thoughtful and responsible decisions. The day-long project was also an opportunity for us to learn a little about the science of musical instruments and how they create different sounds.

We began the day by doing a variation of the well known 'Take a line for a walk' art activity. We listened to Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees and simply let our hand do what it wanted as it moved across the page during the song. As the music speed up, slowed down, changed pitch, etc, we made different movements with our markers.

We then chose 3 colours that we thought fit with the song. Mr K modelled how to blend the 3 colours underneath our lines, then we each completed our own piece. There is no right or wrong, we were simply wanting to show how we all hear and interpret music differently, which adds to our uniqueness.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Digital Portrait Project

Today Koru 1 had a project based learning day. Mrs Harris took a group of children who were creating a digital portrait.

First we played a game called the elaboration game. The purpose of this game was to take a closer look at some portrait examples. We learned about four different styles of portrait photography. For each one we created a list of what was needed to take a successful shot.

We enjoyed using our creativity to compose our own portraits. Some of us selected locations outside, while others set up a scene inside the classroom. We worked in pairs or small groups to capture a variety of photographs.

To add another dimension to our portrait collage we did some close up perspective sketching. We used the iPad to zoom in on our eye. This allowed us to look closer and create a more detailed sketch.

Next was the editing stage. We learned about cropping our photos and adding filters for effect. The final step was to add our photographs into a grid. For this, we used the iPad app, pic collage.

Everyones digital portrait shows all four portrait styles plus a close perspective pencil sketch. It was interesting observing everyones finished project. They all looked very unique and eye catching.

Next time you're near Koru 1, come on in to have a look.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Magic Crosses

Today a group of us did some problem solving with Mrs Harris. We worked through our problem solving cycle in a team of four.

Each team member had an important role. We focused on the key competency, Relating to Others by making sure we shared ideas, listened thoughtfully to our team members and used great body language when problem solving.

Every team came up with more than one solution and reported back to the whole class.
Here's the problem we were working on. How many solutions can you find?

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The New Koru 1

Over the past week we have been enjoying getting to know the new Koru 1. When we say that, we mean both the people and the redeveloped classroom block we are now in. About half of our class were in Koru 1 last year, with our new Year 5s coming from a mixture of all of the 2018 Pītau team classes.

Something that we value a lot in Koru 1 is having a strong vision for the year. This is an essential agreement that sets out what we want our people and our learning environment to be like.

We spent time this week sharing our learning experiences at school and discussing our opinions about what should be in our vision. This was done through a group activity where we contributed ideas on what our ideal class should look like and sound like, as well as what we believe the role of the teachers should be.

Once collecting and sharing all of our ideas, we summarised them into the following vision.

We are really proud of our vision and we will be referring to it throughout the year.

A traditional whakatauki we have been thinking about this week is...
Whiria te tangata
Meaning: 'Weave the people together' - which we feel captures the essence of Koru 1 constructing our essential agreement.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

MAD/Athletics Day Movie Project

On Monday, we learned that we would be creating an iMovie to inform the school about MAD day
this term.
We went through the design thinking process to develop our digital outcome.
This process takes us on an in depth learning journey where we can all contribute.
Normally, we dedicate a whole day to MAD day, but due to running out of free days to do it this
term, we are combining it with athletics day.  
First we needed to think about our iMovie audience.
Our audience is the Bromley School community.
Here is some of the information we gathered through discussion and brainstorming.
- The movie will need to be fun and exciting
- We will need to speak clearly so our audience understands our message
- We could include fun music to keep the movie engaging
- We will need to show the audience not just tell
- The movie will need to be short and informative
Next it was time to define our task. We put our information together and created a timeline.
This gave us a clear idea of what we need to get done before the filming stage on Thursday.
This stage helps us get organised and start our next creative stage.
This stage is fun and creative.
We start brainstorming our ideas by thinking, writing, drawing and talking.

Prototype and Testing
After generating our creative ideas, we put them together in a storyboard.
We included a sketch of the location, a list of props and any script that was needed.
Then we practised our lines and organised our props.

Finally it was time to shoot our movie. Even on filming day we needed to keep going back to the
different stages of our thinking process.
Some small changes were made to meet the needs of our audience and create some wow factor.
We would like to thank Mandy Dempsey for her help and input on filming day.
We had a lot of fun working on this project. Check out the finished product.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Woodend Camp - A Shared Story


This is a story of our Koru camp at Woodend last week. It has been created by taking excerpts from individual camp stories that students wrote for their personal blogs. We hope this gives a number of perspectives and reactions from a few of our points of view. See our individual blogs for more from specific children.



Last week on the 24th of October Koru 1 and Koru 2 went to Woodend Camp. We went there to have fun and for new experiences we did lots of activities. First we went on the bus to Pegasus park for lunch. Then after lunch we walked throw Pegasus Pines. When I was walking I felt like I’ve been walking for years. When we were walking I saw a snail and Rylie wanted to keep it! Finally when we got to Woodend park we had a snack and played on the playground for a while. After, we walked all the way to Woodend Camp. When we got arrived Cody told us the camp rules. We then we got into are groups. I was with Jaycee, Rylie, Alizay, Savannah, Angel, Paige, Willow b, Kiara, Mia, Ana and are parent was Vikki.