Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Student-Led Workshops - The Beginning

Today was the first time we have introduced structured student-led workshops in Koru 1, outside of our ICT workshops. We are hoping that the middle block on Thursdays (11.30am-12.40pm) will be a time where Koru 1 students can take the lead, using their personal skills and knowledge in certain areas to teach others.

We can propose ideas for workshops to Mr K or Mrs Harris and write up a plan. This plan will include what the learning focus for the workshop will be, how many children can attend, and what resources will be required. Our peers will be able to opt into our workshops.

Today's workshops included:

Scratch Jnr (coding) - Run by Zavier
Basic division - Run by Korban
Book Creator app - Run by Lilly and Helena
Basic basketball skills - Run by Blaine

After the session, many of us started thinking of ideas we have for other workshops, and we are really looking forward to seeing where this goes.


  1. Micaiah (Me) and Shavanah are doing a workshop on Stop Motion if you wanna join. We're taking 4 people maximum?

    1. Shavanah can not do the workshop with you because she is helping me with kakano one so sorry about that

  2. I do think it's cool that we could sign up to do one and teach other people skills that they might not know. Thanks Mr K and Mrs Harris!

  3. I thnik student led workshops are good because some of us get to try to some things that other people want to teach and it is good for teaching because other people want to show new stuff and that is good

  4. Excited to do my workshop with Mikayla next Thursday on acting!!!
    About 4 people can come, maybe even 6!!

  5. Kelli and I did the workshop (because Mikayla was away) and I think it was superb!
    Alot of people enjoyed it, and I had alot of highlights to be honest!
    It rocked when everyone came flooding in at the end!
    Thanks everyone who participated!

  6. Oh also any workshops anyone want? I would be happy to do one on writing or acting again, and more!

  7. Comedys probably the next stop!!