Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Exploring The Decisions We Make

So far this term we have been doing a lot of thinking about decision making, specifically how the choices we make daily can impact our lives and the lives of others. We have been exploring many decisions we often make and how sometimes we make them because we are looking for an immediate benefit, or some kind of benefit in the future. 

For example, we discussed brushing our teeth. Recently in the news, researchers have said that many people don't brush their teeth. The children in Koru 1 said that this might be because either they can't be bothered, don't care, or don't have time. It was interesting hearing everyone's thoughts. Especially about the reasons why some people don't brush their teeth and whether it was a good decision to make. 

From there, we had a task where we were put into groups of 4, given 2 dice and 6 counters, and asked to come up with a simple maths game in 15 minutes. 

The reflection questions we discussed afterwards gave us plenty to talk about in our groups. Some of the questions were, "Was everyone involved in making the decisions?" and "Did you want to make decisions, but didn't feel able to?". Considering that a couple of groups faced some real challenges with this task, largely due to the decisions they made, this was a valuable learning activity. 

Soon we will be exploring more about how we make decisions in groups, like in our class, community, and as a country. 


  1. This was funny because I won right away.

  2. Everyone was participating well during our vote and people watched the tv about the general election and who won but we dont know who won yet.