Sunday, 28 May 2017

Land Yachts Setting Sail

We are well underway building our land yachts. 

Those of us who opted into this project are now constructing, testing and modifying our creations ahead of the racing that will take place over the next couple of weeks. 

The 'managing self' key competency has certainly been a focus for us during this project. We have been very deliberate about creating a timeline together, putting the emphasis on managing our time, space and materials well in order to complete the project within the specified timeframe. Many of us have been doing this, although it has been a challenge for those who are involved in many other special interest groups and have found it hard to dedicate as much time to this project as others. 

Our process has included...
  • Research - Finding out the science behind what makes a land yacht work
  • Designs - Coming up with 3 different designs and choosing one that we would develop and build
  • Instructions - Creating written instructions, including diagrams that will help us to build our land yacht
  • Construction - Locating materials and building the vehicle

Project timeline

Zavier's instructions

Our project assessment rubric also considers the land yacht's performance and how well we believed we managed this project, and ourselves, from start to finish. 

We look forward to sharing the results. Check out our twitter page for some video footage. 


  1. I am excited to get to do this project. I was deciding between kites and land yahcts but I think I made a good decission!

  2. i love doing doing the land yacht my kind of turned but it was still fun

  3. i love doing doing the land yacht my kind of turned but it was still fun this mr k i hope we can do it next year i love being in koru 1 with you and miss harris i hope we can do a kite with you next year and the people that did kites do land yacht so we all have a land yacht and we all have a kite i love making kites i hope the people that did kites will love doing it with miss harris too i love doing all this work this year so far thanks for making the land yachts with as mr k and miss harris for doing kites with as all i only have 2 years left with you guys i will make every second of it

  4. i loved doing the land yachts i was decideng what t one i would do and i chose land yachts because i have made a kite before and i havent made a land yacht and i wanted to try something diffrent and next year i want to stay in koru 1 because i really liked being a part of this classroom and i want to stay here because it is very fun in koru 1 that is why i really want to stay in tjis classroom for ever and i dont want to leave this school when i garagerate i really want to stay in this school till i die thank you for reading my coment bye see you latter