Monday, 22 May 2017

Engineering Challenges - House Of Bricks

Yesterday we had the House of Bricks visit in the hall.

The instructor's name was Perdita. She gave us 3 engineering challenges to work on through our 90 minute session. These included building a vehicle that will travel as far as possible when launched down a ramp, building a bridge to hold 5 books, and making a device that will transport a domino over a 1 metre distance without being carried by a person.

We had a fantastic time working together in teams. Perdita said that we were one of the best classes she has had because of the way we related to each other and transitioned so quickly between activities.

We really enjoyed the session. Cooper said, "It was actually harder than I thought it would be. It surprised me. Especially making the cars. They were a real challenge".

Check out another short clip here.

This visit fits well with our How Stuff Works theme this year and has given us plenty to think about, including giving ideas about where we may take some interest projects later this term.

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