Monday, 10 June 2019

Project Calm Cinderella

Our storytelling tale this term is called The Fairy Godmothers Day Off. In the tale, Cinderella becomes increasingly anxious because she wants to get to the ball and things aren't going right for her.

Mrs Harris's literacy group have been working on "Project Calm Cinderella". The project touches on our theme How Stuff Works by exploring and acting on issues that relate science learning to our daily living. For this project, we learned about how the brain works when we're feeling anxious or angry. We learned about the reactions in our bodies and we explored different strategies that would help us calm down.

After some further research into the brain and emotions, we were put into groups to create an instructional video for Cinderella.

Our preparation tasks included planning the iMovie using our story map process, including details about resources and location, writing a script and working together. We co-constructed the iMovie success criteria so that we knew exactly what our movie needed.

We will be sharing our iMovies with each other first. We will then assess our projects using a rubric that was created by Mrs Harris from our success criteria. We also hope to share our iMovies with other classrooms as we believe it's important for everyone to have some calm down strategies that work for them.

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