Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Is it waterproof?

For storytelling in Koru 1 we have been learning The Fairy Godmother's Day Off. In the story Cinderella wants to get to the ball but the weather is awful outside and she needs a carriage to keep her dry.

Dolores, her apprentice fairy Godmother tries conjuring a carriage out of a variety of objects and eventually enlarges a pumpkin to make the perfect carriage for Cinderella.

Some of us carried out an investigation to see what other materials might be waterproof.

First we made a hypothesis based on some research we had already done about what makes something water proof. We tested paper, polyester and tin foil. We learned how to conduct a fair test by making sure the only variable was the material.

The results were that tin foil was the most waterproof material because polyester absorbs water and the paper started to disintegrate.

We really enjoyed our scientific investigation and we are looking forward to making more discoveries this term through science.

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