Thursday, 8 November 2018

MAD/Athletics Day Movie Project

On Monday, we learned that we would be creating an iMovie to inform the school about MAD day
this term.
We went through the design thinking process to develop our digital outcome.
This process takes us on an in depth learning journey where we can all contribute.
Normally, we dedicate a whole day to MAD day, but due to running out of free days to do it this
term, we are combining it with athletics day.  
First we needed to think about our iMovie audience.
Our audience is the Bromley School community.
Here is some of the information we gathered through discussion and brainstorming.
- The movie will need to be fun and exciting
- We will need to speak clearly so our audience understands our message
- We could include fun music to keep the movie engaging
- We will need to show the audience not just tell
- The movie will need to be short and informative
Next it was time to define our task. We put our information together and created a timeline.
This gave us a clear idea of what we need to get done before the filming stage on Thursday.
This stage helps us get organised and start our next creative stage.
This stage is fun and creative.
We start brainstorming our ideas by thinking, writing, drawing and talking.

Prototype and Testing
After generating our creative ideas, we put them together in a storyboard.
We included a sketch of the location, a list of props and any script that was needed.
Then we practised our lines and organised our props.

Finally it was time to shoot our movie. Even on filming day we needed to keep going back to the
different stages of our thinking process.
Some small changes were made to meet the needs of our audience and create some wow factor.
We would like to thank Mandy Dempsey for her help and input on filming day.
We had a lot of fun working on this project. Check out the finished product.

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