Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Discovering Our Character Strengths

On Wednesday Koru 1 learned about character strengths. Character strengths are positive parts of our personalities that impact how we think, feel and behave. If we know what our main strengths are we can “flex our strengths muscles” and be the best version of ourselves.

First we had a discussion about what character strengths are and what strengths we might have. We talked with our friends and spotted strengths that they have too. Then Mrs Harris displayed a character strength and what it means on the TV. If we thought YES this is definitely like me we wrote it down. Eventually we all had a list of our strengths.

Next it was time to narrow down our list. Most of us came up with three or four main character strengths. Then we did some more research on these and added key words to a brain storm. Some of us used the character strengths cards to find the māori word for our strengths.

We used the online tool worditout to generate a word cloud. We could customise this to our preferences and make it look unique to us. Use took the word cloud and added it to a slide of us with a speech bubble. These are displayed in Koru 1 for you to see on open evening in week 10.

Where to next? What does it mean for us now that we know what our main character strengths are? How can we “flex our strengths muscles?”

I understand myself a bit better now – Zeke
Kind of like Zeke, I know myself a bit better now and now that I know some of my strengths I will be able to use them more – Arona
I feel brightened and excited – Lakiesha
Now I know more of my character strengths I’m going to discover who I am more and find new ones – Caleb.
Now that I have learned about myself a little better with my strengths I can trust them and hopefully they assist me in the future, hopefully they will do good into my future – Mana.
We could improve them - Levi
Experiment with our strengths and see which one is the most popular in our class – Zeke
Maybe we could do a survey to see - Jaycee
One of mine is creativity. I was thinking I could create something to do with it - Yossi
Experiment with our strengths and make a system out of it. Maybe that will boost the education system in the school and help all the classes. We could help the juniors with their strengths like junior mentors. Or maybe a lunch time club – Mana.
Make an iMovie about them – Levi

What do you think your character strengths are?

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