Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Word Art

On Wednesday, we began a journey that would help us each discover our own word for the year.

This started with a mindfulness exercise, so that we could step into our imagination and think creatively. We were asked questions like "what do you hope for yourself?", "what do you want your year to be like?", "what does your heart need?" and "what qualities do you want to develop in yourself?". Next we made a list of the words that came to us during the mindful activity. Some of the words were feelings and emotions and others were verbs or adjectives.

Some of us decided on our word straight away and others wanted to think about it more overnight.

On Thursday morning we started creating some art to express our word. We used paint to create an abstract background. We experimented with different tools such as sponges, paint brushes and ice block sticks.

The next step was to digitally create our word. We selected our own font and printed it out so that it could be stuck onto our art work.

At the end of the day some of us explained our art to the group, mentioning why we decided to choose the word and how or why we created the background the way we did.

The result is a colourful wall filled with motivating words that are unique to Koru 1.



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