Thursday, 30 November 2017

Flipping Out This Morning

We had a great trip to Flip Out this morning.

Flip Out is a trampolining centre that opened last year on Maces Road. It is a wonderful place for learning to take responsible risks while getting fit at the same time!

Daniel says the foam fit is the best part because he loves jumping and flipping into it. Also he really enjoyed that everyone was having a lot of fun.

Mackenzie says her best part was jumping off the big boxes because you bounce really high when you land on the trampolines. This was also Jaycee's favourite part.

Spencer found the whole trip enjoyable because he had fun with his friends.

Shavanah learned some new tricks, like a front walk-over, on the gynmastics mat. Micaiah made a connection and said his best part was "learning new stuff" as well.

Thanks to Lynnley and Shellon for coming along too.

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