Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Creating IP Presentations

One of our class shared goals this week is to create a quality presentation for our individual IPs.

We are getting a significant amount of time to be working on these in class and have been asking the question, "What would 'good' look like for me?"

We have also been using an iceberg analogy to think about how we will bring all of our knowledge and understandings to the surface in our presentation.

Here it is:

Our project rubric has also been developed. You can see the aspects that we are bringing into focus during these IPs (including note taking and recording references). We can't wait to see what everyone has created, as many students are completing their first interest project!

Next week will be busy with the Year 6s attending the Cycle Safe programme on Monday and Tuesday. We will be creating an IP sharing timetable, so keep an eye on our Twitter for updates throughout the week.

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